Second Chances

Samantha Newby is back.  But is she back with a score to settle with her cheating husband and sister’s betrayal?  Left to sift through the rubble of her broken marriage and the heartache caused by her sister’s affair with her husband, Sam struggles with life, with trust and above all, she’s convinced her relationship with new man Sebastian Cross is doomed to fail.
Like a moth to a flame, Sam is drawn to Seb in a way she’s never been drawn to a man before, but with the baggage and carnage she’s left behind, she’s wrapped in turmoil as she fights to make her relationship with him work.
Tired of the hatred which has tainted her life recently, Sam is willing to offer forgiveness to the people who have hurt her in the past.  Building bridges is what she wants, but she soon discovers those bridges will soon come tumbling down.
Her relationship with Sebastian is put to the test when her worst nightmare comes true.  Seeing her fears as a mother, escalate into something she has no control over, Samantha’s world comes crashing down once again after her children are taken away from her.  When the truth of what really happened to them is finally discovered, Samantha is desperate to clear her name and get them back.  But with her ex husband, Gary Cross, up to his old tricks and schemes once again, she knows she has a battle on her hands; one she’s determined not to lose.  When she’s eventually backed into a corner, Samantha succumbs to her ex husband’s bribery, as this is the only way possible to win her children back.  But being back with Gary means she has to let Sebastian go.


When Love Turns Sour
Deceit and lies were not items Samantha Newby was planning to take with her on holiday.  Nor had she been banking on returning with a broken heart.
As the love she has for her boyfriend, Gary Cross, is challenged, and the relationship with her sister destroyed, Samantha is under no illusions that her struggle to get her love life back on track will be a walk in the park.
Second chances and forgiveness are words ingrained in Samantha's heart; words she finds herself drowning in, turning her once happy, yet simple life, into uncontrollable turmoil.
Fighting for Gary's love is all Samantha has left; a fight she's desperate not to lose.  But in every love story, there has to be a loser.  It's just bad luck that the competition is her sister.

​​​​​​​Three's A Crowd

Megan’s wedding day is fast approaching, but unbeknown to her fiancé Nick, she is carrying a terrible secret.  She’s a woman who likes to live life on a knife edge, a woman who is definitely playing with fire.  Will her wedding day go without a hitch, or will she become caught up in the tangle of her own lies, eventually getting her fingers burnt?

Her fiancé Nick also carries a dark secret, a secret which keeps him questioning his love for Megan.  Will his marriage to her work, or will his love for another woman continue to compromise his love for Megan?

Jess has her own problems as far as love is concerned; she’s convinced her boyfriend is still hopelessly in love with his ex wife.  When she’s tempted by the advances of another man, someone she’d never expect to be interested in her, Jess is convinced she’s finally found her soul mate.

With a strong link between them all, love is always going to be complicated.  Some of them will certainly lose, but will there ever be a winner?       



Wedding Vows

When newlywed Sydney Cooper finds herself drowning in suspicion that her husband of three weeks is having an affair, she tries all she can to get to the bottom of his unusual behaviour.  Desperate to keep her man, she tries everything she can to keep their marriage afloat; easier said than done when her husband Jake seems hell bent on ruining everything.
As Jake becomes more distant, Sydney’s concerns for her marriage continue to grow.  Unsure of how she can salvage her relationship, she embarks on a trip away, hoping this will be the wakeup call her husband needs, allowing her some time to work out if she really wants her struggling marriage to continue.
Once on holiday, Sydney is faced with yet another dilemma when she meets Lucas.  Although their encounter is only brief, Sydney is left with the sickening feeling that she has fallen in love with him.  Realising this is a romance which can never be, Sydney returns home wrapped in utter confusion.
Her battle to fight for her husband’s love continues but she’s dealt another cruel blow when she finally discovers the truth about him.  Sliding deeper into despair, Sydney is offered one more chance to find love; but will the decisions she makes be the right ones, or will love pass her by once again?


When Laura Cardwell finds herself facing motherhood as a lone parent, determination drives her on; but her life is quickly sent into a spin when she meets her obstetrician James Diskin; a man who makes all women go weak at the knees.  Laura is no exception, finding their paths crossing during dramatic events in her life.
After discovering James has recently separated from his wife, Laura is under no illusions that he is as interested in her, as she is in him.  Desperate for him to be the new man in her life, she finds herself once again being left deserted in romance when someone from James's past returns to claim what she thinks is rightfully hers.
As Laura's future continues to witness more heartache, she's faced with a choice to make which could change her life forever.  Torn between loyalty and love, she is plunged into a battle she's afraid to take part in.

Kisses At Sunset
Veterinary Nurse Alice Davenport loves her job but when it takes her to Phinda Game Reserve in South Africa, the scenery isn't the only thing she finds herself falling in love with.  Barnaby Russell, strong, handsome and athletic, with a sun-kissed look is Alice's new colleague who proves to have his fair share of hang ups.  Unsure if he hates all women or just her, Alice is shocked to discover her feelings for him are anything but welcoming.  Switching off her ever growing love for Barnaby proves difficult for Alice, leaving her in turmoil by the time she returns home to England.
Just when Alice's prayers are answered and the chance to return to South Africa and Barnaby is suddenly on the cards, her ex boyfriend turns up in her life with a proposal he feels she won't refuse.  Leaving all feelings of confusion behind, Alice jets off once again to South Africa hoping this time she'll get her man but it soon becomes apparent that she's bitten off more than she can chew.

When Donna Addlington starts a new job at Crotchet and Son, finding love was definitely not on the agenda.  But sexy womaniser Clint Armstrong isn't prepared to be turned down by anyone, even if Donna's defensive wall is proving to be challenging.
As Donna's willpower is tested, she's unwilling to succumb to Clint's charms and good looks; the scars from her ex still very raw and engrained in her heart.

But Clint is a man who never gives up, knowing it's only a matter of time before Donna will fall under his spell.  Once bitten, twice shy; is history about to be repeated?  As Donna's defences begin to melt under Clint's sex appeal, the decisions she makes cost her dearly.  Once tempted, her life is never the same again.

The Last Dance
Her heart raced frantically as she held the invitation in her trembling hand.  A school reunion? she questioned, trying to dismiss the desire running through her body at the thought of seeing an old flame again.
Her marriage, her family: are they not reason enough to stop her from behaving like a love sick teenager?  "Yes, of course they are," she whispered, before hiding the invitation in a drawer, scolding herself for even contemplating the possibility of seeing Richard Davidson again.
But with forceful and persuasive friends like Martha and Jo Jo, Sally finds herself being pulled along by an invisible magnet, taking her in a bubble of nerves to Alpine Hall - the venue for their class reunion.
As the evening unfolds before her, Sally is unaware that the choices she makes that night will impact on her future for ever.  When laughter turns to tears, Sally is met by a wall of guilt and grief.  Trudging through the carnage of her once simple yet happy life, Sally can only watch painfully as her fingers gradually lose their grip on her sanity and her happiness.
Her life will never be the same again ...

Sweet Whispers From Grace
As Matt Cooke tries desperately to turn his life around after tragic events leave him a broken man, he feels the dreams he once shared with his wife Grace, are dreams he still needs to fulfil.  After years of struggling with grief, Matt follows his heart, moving him to Cyprus in an attempt to rebuild his shattered life.  Things for Matt only become more complicated when he meets Sarah Sandford; a beautiful woman whose past is riddled with its own hidden pain and dangers.  Finding himself drawn to Sarah, he is pulled into further grief and turmoil, as events in the life she has spent years running from, eventually catch up with her.

The Perfect Kiss

Bride to be, Gemma Atkins, tries hard to convince herself she's getting married for all the right reasons.  She questions her love for fiance Gavin Alexandra before finally concluding that yes, she does love him enough to become his wife.  But when she bumps into an old flame whilst out on her hen night, confusion takes over.
As the day of the wedding arrives, Gemma can think only of one man; the man she truly loves.  But does she choose the right path?  Will Gemma's decision be the one to make her happy?
Soon discovering she's made the biggest mistake of her life, she's plagued with torment from the man she chooses, yet dealt heartbreak from the man she denies.  Trying to do the right thing costs her dearly, proving second chances at love are impossible.
After losing the only man she's ever truly loved, Gemma knows there's no turning back.  He's gone, he's out of her life for good - there seems no hope.

Penguins In The Park
A chance meeting with a handsome stranger leaves 32 year old Annabel Anthony feeling more than just hot under the collar.  With her marriage to army man Lewis failing fast, Annabel finds she is left increasingly preoccupied after bumping into hunky Carl Dransfield for a second time.
As their friendship blossoms, Annabel knows she can never be more than just a friend to Carl.  He's a man who believes in fate and destiny, knowing his growing love for her should not be in vain.  Despite their obvious attraction for one another, fate is cruel, stopping at nothing to keep them apart.

Will You Ever Be Mine Senorita?
Eleonor Jenkins longs to be a writer, much to the annoyance of her Italian boyfriend Stephan.  But it's not just his lack of commitment for her passion for writing which is putting a strain on their relationship.  Brought up in a strict Italian family, Stephan's mother is Queen of the Mafia, who will try every trick in the book to stop her son from marrying Eleonor.  15 years into their relationship, Eleonor is still as far away from marriage and starting a family as she is of being welcomed by his mother with open arms. 
After being reunited with her twin brother Mark, the seed is planted in Eleonor's thoughts, making her realise it is time to spread her wings a little, not only to seek inspiration for her novel, but as a way for her to work out where her life is going.
Of course, there are always going to be tears before bedtime.  Stephan's cruel words at her plans once again prove challenging for Eleonor but this time she stands her ground.
Eleonor is taken to Toleido in Spain; the place she hopes to find some answers to what she's been looking for, whilst picking up some inspiration for a novel.  Not bargaining on falling in love in Toleido, Eleonor knows she has to cut her holiday short after realising it's time to be grateful for what she has with Stephan.
A surprise awaits Eleonor when she returns to England, a surprise she's not expecting.

Daisy Chains
Izzy Brown is a woman with a zest for life, possessing great passion as a dance teacher, and is deeply in love with her husband, Declan.  Her life, she feels, is perfect; that's until a routine operation has drastic consequences.  Her once perfect life quickly unravels, thrusting her into a life of darkness, depression and despair.  As her marriage is put under severe strain, Izzy has no control over the outcome, finally losing everything good she's ever had in her life.
An unexpected meeting introduces her to Aidan Simpson; a man who becomes intrigued by the vulnerability Izzy is wrapped in.  As their feelings for one another develop, they are met by jealousy, grief and heartache, preventing their love for each other from flourishing.  Their future becomes thwarted with problems the deeper they fall in love, pulling them apart without remorse.
Despite the love Aidan has for Izzy, he knows the obstacles in her life will always prevent their love for one another from lasting.  Aidan makes his choices based on what his heart is telling him; choices he one day, lives to regret.

It's Time To Say Goodbye

With a divorce behind her and a baby on the way, will Emily Barrington-Trump be able to live an uncomplicated life with her new man?  Dom Jones isn’t the father of her unborn child, in fact, Emily is unsure if the father is her ex-husband Dean, or Darius ... someone she had a holiday romance with.  As her relationship begins to flourish with Dom, she feels she’s met the man of her dreams.  Although she met him only a short time ago, their love for one another soon develops into something which she feels will last forever.  Unfortunately for Emily, nothing is ever quite that simple.  When her ex-husband turns up once again in her life, she’s left without doubt that he is the father of her daughter, and she’s also left questioning her love for him.  His existence in her life eventually brings tension between her and Dom, putting a strain on their relationship.  But unbeknown to Emily, Dom is trying to deal with his own problems.

 Emily is once again dealt a cruel hand, left to pick up the pieces for a second time.  Finding herself facing life yet again as a single parent, she’s totally unprepared when someone from her past makes her an offer she can’t refuse.  Will Emily follow her heart, or will she be more cautious second time around?

Subjected to a life of abuse and torment is a secret Ashleigh Sloane keeps with her for a long time, afraid to share it with anyone.  Without the love from her parents and a sheltered relationship with a few select friends, her teenage years are very grim.
The courage to open just one door virtually changes her life when she is introduced to Simone.  Ashleigh experiences for the first time trust and even the taste of love when introduced to the handsome Finn Watson.  As her insecurities and self doubt slowly begin to dissolve, she learns how to be loved, eventually transforming from Cinders into Cinderella.
Sadly for Ashleigh, the cup she drinks from is quickly poisoned, once again finding her life tainted with abuse.  After being accused of having an affair with her priest, Ashleigh not only has to clear her name but has to pick up the pieces of her damaged life once again.  The only way she can begin to do this is to expose the only man she has ever loved.
Has love for Ashleigh been and gone, touching her life only briefly?  Or is there another powerful force of  love just waiting in the wings, so untouchable and afraid to enter into her life?

Vivienne Stirk

Starting Over

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare, losing a child.  For Melanie Craven, it somehow becomes a reality. 

With Christmas only weeks away and her unemployed husband Mike, slipping further into depression, Melanie can only clutch on tightly to the love she has for her family, hoping they can somehow ride the storm which has been cast on their troubled family.  But as tragic events unfold on Christmas Eve, nothing can prepare her for what happens.  Finding that she’s left with deep and emotional scars, Melanie goes back to her roots for the help she so desperately needs.  The only way she can rebuild her life, is to tread carefully.

To love again is the one thing Melanie feels she’ll never be able to do.  Too many secrets and darkness cloud her troubled life; a life she feels she’ll never be able to share with anyone.

A new job takes her one step closer to finding love, when American hunk, Tom Meadows takes her by surprise.  Melanie finds she is not only met with new challenges; her past still lingers in her very soul.

For Melanie to ever find true love again, means she will someday have to share the demons which taunt her.  Will Tom Meadows be the love she can share such pain with, or will her secret and tormented past be too much for him?    

It Started With A Kiss

The day Emily had waited for, for many years, was over in a whirlwind.  Although her wedding day had been everything she’d wished it would be, and a day she’d never forget, it was a day she wanted to re-live as soon as it was over.  She had the man of her dreams by her side, but for Emily, something was missing.  The dress she’d longed to wear for months had now served its purpose, and with nothing left to plan anymore, Emily was left feeling empty. 

Unable to stop the depression from creeping into her life because of the stand-still she’d come to, Emily is left feeling helpless, and can only watch in disbelief as her marriage begins to unfold before her eyes.  Discovering her new husband has been having an affair, pulls Emily deeper into despair.

As she finds herself facing divorce proceedings, Emily realises it’s time to do something to get her life back on track.  With the prospect of a holiday abroad to entice her back to some kind of normality, she decides to change her life completely and joins a gym.  As her new image begins to turn heads, she’s tempted by the attention her ex husband shows her.  Although Emily knows it could be dangerous to even contemplate starting again with him, it’s a temptation she isn’t willing to dismiss completely.  Letting her heart rule her head, leads Emily on to making her first mistake.  Her second soon follows, bringing with it life changing consequences.    

​The Butterfly Collection

Male rivalry, innocence, lust and dominance contribute to the lives of three students.  They all have goals, and all of them are determined to do whatever it takes to achieve those goals.

Darcy is young and beautiful; a woman with a strong passion for fashion.  Becoming a fashion designer has been a dream she’s had since she was a small child.  Hoping to make the first steps towards helping to put her dreams into a reality, she prepares herself for university; a journey which not only takes her out of her comfort zone, but one which has damaging consequences.

Jimmy is a handsome young man who meets Darcy just as she’s preparing to leave for university.  Intrigued by her innocence and beauty, he soon finds himself falling for her.  Their time spent together is only brief, yet a special friendship soon blossoms between them; a friendship which is endlessly jeopardised and put to the test by someone else.

Steve is confident around women, a privileged individual who always gets what he wants.  When Darcy happens to fall onto his radar, he becomes desperate to ensnare her.  His dominance and her naivety soon concoct a dangerous recipe for love.  Underneath his charms is a sinister dark side, a side which Darcy struggles to see.  With his sights set firmly on winning Darcy over, he will stop at nothing to ensure he doesn’t fail to take what he believes belongs to him.

As the triangle of love and hate reaches extreme heights, it becomes inevitable there’s only ever going to be one ending and one winner.  The big question is, who will claim the prize and who will lose more than the others?     


Once Upon A Christmas Time

Follow Philippa Logan’s journey as she prepares to marry Zach de Cruz.  She’s dreamed of having a Christmas wedding for the past three years, and what better time to marry her fiancé; two days before Christmas Day.  With the clock ticking down on December 23rd, taking her closer to marriage, she also has another wish to fulfil before she says “I do.”  Philippa has longed to be married before she hits forty, and as New Year looms, so does her Birthday.  With her best friend waiting by her side for the signal her groom is ready to marry her, Philippa receives an unpleasant surprise.  As her emotions are dragged from 2016 and into 2017, she’s left to sift through the heartache of Christmas past.

What will 2017 bring for Philippa?  All will be revealed, and it starts with the Birthday she’s dreading; her fortieth. 


Philippa Logan's life is full of complications.  Even when happiness knocks on her door, offering her the man of her dreams, it's taken from her in the blink of an eye.  Thrust into turmoil and left with life changing decisions to make, Philippa knows she's in for yet another bumpy ride.  But will the decisions she makes put the smile back on her face once again?

Tempted by an ex, a man her best friend Nikki warns her about, Philippa is soon faced with more dilemmas as he tries to map out her life for her.  Drowning in the love she once felt for him, Philippa is no longer in charge of her destiny.

When the two men in her life come head to head, Philippa realises she’s better off living the life of a single woman, deciding to break ties with them both.  That all sounds easy, but certainly not the case for Philippa Logan.

Five Years Later

“Weddings should be full of surprises, and I bet today will not let anyone down.”

A missing sister, a broken family with untold secrets, a mother’s lie to protect her daughters. 

When India Spellman decides to track down her father who she hasn’t been in touch with for years, she’s unaware of just how much of a web she’s about to untangle in doing so.  Led to believe her father left her mother and three sisters because he’d had an affair, the truth about what really happened is at risk of being discovered, should her plan to find him work.  But with her wedding day getting closer, India’s desperation to have her father walk her down the aisle is her main priority.

Despite having unanswered questions about her fiancé, India is a hopeless romantic at heart, prepared to ignore the truth, just to see her wedding day through.   The warning signs that all is not as it appears to be are clearly visible, yet India is prepared to brush away everything her fiancé’s’ ex-wife tells her.  In India’s eyes, Madeline will stop at nothing to prevent her from marrying the man she is deeply in love with.  Unfortunately for India, Madeline is the least of her worries.  Anxious to marry the man of her dreams, she’s in for a shock to think her special day will go without any hiccups at all.

 Every bride wants their wedding day to be a memorable one, but for India, it’s memorable for all the wrong reasons. 



Forget Me Not

​​I wake abruptly, dripping with sweat; the same nightmare I’ve had for over twenty years still fresh in my thoughts.  For a moment I’m frozen in the darkness which surrounds me, making me feel like a prisoner in my own life.  I can hear my heavy breathing echoing in my ears, reminding me there’s something I don’t understand.  Noah lies peacefully by my side, unaware of the torment I’ve endured once again.

Nicole Berry has been tormented with nightmares for many years, wondering if the secret to them lies within the death of her parents when she was just five years old.  Raised by her Aunt Serena and Uncle Demetri, Nicole eventually breaks all ties with them when she moves away to Durham at the age of eighteen.  Now at the age of twenty eight, her past still haunts her.  When she discovers her boyfriend Noah hasn’t been truthful with her about who he really is, she makes the decision to leave the UK to start a new life in Italy.  She soon realises that things aren’t going to be as straight forward as she’d hoped.  When romance dares to complicate matters further for her, Nicole is forced to make some difficult decisions.  The demons of her childhood aren’t the only dark forces at work as she battles to make a new life for herself.  With Noah hot on her tail, stopping at nothing to prove his love for her, Nicole is left with no other choice but to leave behind the man she is starting to fall in love with.  Her new life in Italy with the man she feels she is destined to be with, soon comes to a tearful end.